Chippewa Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America
710 S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 832-6671, www.bsa-cvc.org

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Sarah Peterson
District Executive
710 S. Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701


Joe Larson
District Executive
710 S. Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701


Matthew Janeway
District Executive
710 S. Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701


Matt Dienger
District Executive
710 S. Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Cub Scout Sign-up Nights

Elementary age boys in grades 1-5 are invited to sign-up for Cub Scouts during the month of September.

Click on your county below and find your
school, sign-up date, location of the sign-up, and the sign-up time.

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Barron County
Almena Elementary, 9/20, Almena Elementary, 6:00pm
Cameron Elementary, Sept. 15, Cameron Elementary Cafeteria, 6:00pm
Cumberland Elementary, Sept. 7, Cumberland Elementary Commons, 6:30pm
Haugen Elementary, Sept. 22, Haugen Elementary, 6:00pm
Hilltop Elementary, Sept. 22, Hilltop Elementary, 6:00pm
Prairie Farm Elementary, Sept. 29, Prairie Farm Elementary, 6:00pm
Dallas/Ridgeland Elementary, Sept. 29, Ridgeland Elementary, 6:00pm
Roselawn Elementary (Chetek), Sept. 8, Roselawn Elementary IMC, 7:00pm
Saint Joseph Catholic School, Sept. 15, Saint Joseph School Cafeteria, 6:00pm
Tainter Elementary, Sept. 22, Tainter Elementary, 6:00pm
Turtle Lake Elementary, Sept. 20, Turtle Lake Elementary, 6:00pm
Woodland Elementary (Barron), Sept. 28, Woodland Elementary School, 6:00pm
Chippewa County
Bloomer Elementary, Sept. 13, Bloomer Elementary, 6:00pm
Cadott Elementary, Sept. 20, Cadott Elementary, 7:00pm
Chippewa Catholic Schools, Sept. 29, Saint Charles, 7:00pm
Cornell Elementary, Sept. 7, Cornell Elementary, 7:00pm
Halmstad Elementary, Sept. 13, Halmstad Elementary, 7:00pm
Hillcrest Elementary, Sept. 8, Hillcrest Elementary, 6:30pm
Holy Ghost Catholic, Sept. 8, Holy Ghost, 7:00pm
Jim Falls Elementary, Sept. 14, Jim Falls Methodist Church, 7:00pm
Lake Holcombe Elementary, Sept. 22, Holcombe Elementary, 7:00pm
New Auburn Elementary, Sept. 13, New Auburn Elementary, 7:00pm
Parkview Elementary, Sept. 13, Parkview Elementary, 7:00pm
Southview Elementary, Sept. 13, Southview Elementary, 7:00pm
Stanley-Boyd Elementary, Sept. 14, Stanley-Boyd Elementary, 7:00pm
Stillson Elementary, Sept. 8, Stillson Elementary, 7:00pm
Clark County
Granton Elementary, Sept. 27, Granton Elementary, 7:00pm
Greenwood Elementary, Sept. 15, Greenwood Elementary, 7:00pm
Loyal Elementary, Sept. 20, Loyal Elementary, 7:00pm
Neilsville Elementary, Sept. 15, High School Commons, 7:00pm
Owen-Withee Elementary, Sept. 14, High School Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Thorp Elementary, Sept. 15, Thorp Elementary, 7:00pm
Dunn County
Colfax Elementary, Sept. 15, Colfax Elementary, 7:00pm
Downsville Elementary, Sept. 13, Downsville Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Knapp, Sept. 13, Knapp Elementary Gym, 7:00pm
Mound View Elementary (Elk Mound), Sept. 15, Mound View Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Oak Lawn Elementary (Menomonie), Sept. 8, Oak Lawn Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
River Heights Elementary, Sept. 14, River Heights Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
St Josephs Catholic School, Sept. 13, St Josephs School/Parish, 7:00pm
Tiffany Creek Elementary (Boyceville), Sept. 15, Tiffany Creek Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Wakanda Elementary (Menomonie), Sept. 8, Wakanda Elementary, 7:00pm
Eau Claire County
Augusta Elementary, Sept. 21, Augusta Elementary, 7:00pm
Crestview Academy, Sept. 12, Jacobs Well Church, 6:00pm
Fall Creek Elementary, Sept. 7, Fall Creek Elementary, 7:00pm
Flynn Elementary, Sept. 8, Flynn Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Immaculate Conception Elementary, 9/15, IC School Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Lakeshore Elementary, Sept. 8, Lakeshore Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Locust Lane Elementary, Sept. 8, Locust Lane Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Longfellow Elementary, Sept. 8, Longfellow Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Manz Elemenary, Sept. 8, Manz Elemenary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Meadowview Elementary, Sept. 8, Meadowview Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Monterssori School, Sept. 8, Montessori Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Northwoods Elementary, Sept. 8, Northwoods Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Pedersen Elementary (Altoona), Sept. 15, Pedersen Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Putnam Heights Elementary, Sept. 8, Putnam Heights Gym, 7:00pm
Robbins Elementary, Sept. 8, Pedersen Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Roosevelt Elementary, Sept. 8, Roosevelt Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Sam Davey Elementary, Sept. 8, Sam Davey Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
Sherman Elementary, Sept. 8, Sherman Elementary Cafeteria, 7:00pm
St James the Greater Elementary, Sept. 8, St James School Basement, 7:00pm
St Marys Elementary, Sept. 22, St Mary's Community Center Basement, 7:00pm
Pepin County
Caddie Woodlawn Elementary (Durand), 9/14, Cafeteria, 7pm
Assumption Catholic School, Sept. 20, Durand Campus Upstairs Classrooms, 7:00pm
Pepin Elementary, Sept. 14, Pepin Elementary School, 7:00pm
Rusk County
Bruce Elementary, Sept. 13, Bruce School Commons, 6:00pm
Flambeau Elementary, Sept. 22, Flambeau Elementary IMC, 6:00pm
Ladysmith Elementary, Sept. 13, Ladysmith Elementary Cafeteria, 6:30pm
Our Lady of Sorrows Grade School, Sept. 13, Ladysmith Elementary Cafeteria, 6:30pm
Sawyer Country
Hayward Intermediary School, Sept. 21, Hayward Intermediary Cafeteria, 6:00pm
Hayward Primary School, Sept. 28, Hayward Primary Cafeteria, 6:00pm
Winter Elementary, Sept. 21, Winter School Commons, 6:00pm
Taylor County
Gilman Elementary, Sept. 14, Gilman Elementary, 6:30pm
Washburn County
Birchwood Elementary, Sept. 22, Birchwood School Commons, 6:00pm
Northwoods School (Minong), Sept. 14, Northwoods School Commons, 6:00pm
St Francis de Sales School, Sept. 20, Spooner Elementary Ampitheater, 6:00pm
Shell Lake Primary & Elementary, Sept. 8, Shell Lake Elementary, 6:00pm
Spooner Elementary, Sept. 20, Spooner Elementary Ampitheater, 6:00pm


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Additional Cub Scout Info

Why Cub Scouting?
Cub Scouting's strength is that it is a well-rounded program positively affecting every area of a boy's life. Cub Scouting encourages boys to achieve a deeper appreciation of others, including peers, parents, and other adults. Early in their Cub Scouting experience, boys learn the value of serving others. Cub Scouting provides boys with a sense that they are important as individuals. They learn that their Scouting family cares about what happens to them. Cub Scouting promotes activities that lead to personal responsibility and high self-esteem. The Cub Scout program is family-based and will strengthen the bond between boys and their parents or adult partners.

Cub Scouting Teaches Your Son
  • Confidence, through recognition by adults
  • Belonging, by building friendships with other boys at his school
  • The value of family, by fostering quality family time for boys and their adult partners
  • Social skills, through interacting with other youth and adults
  • Good decision making, by instilling values of helping others
  • About his community, by participating in field trips and other activities

How Cub Scouting Works
Each Cub Scout is part of a Den of other boys from his grade. Each den has 6-8 boys and meets twice each month for about one hour. Once a month, all the Dens from a school come together for a Pack meeting where boys are recognized for their accomplishments from the last month. Each month one other Cub Scout outing usually takes place for the boys: a field trip, outdoor activity, or attending a larger Cub Scout event.

What's Expected of Us As A Family?
Cub Scouting is a program that many families do together. Boys who are Cub Scouts should attend meetings and events with a family member or other adult who is important in your son's life. As a family, you will grow closer through the activities you do at Cub Scouts. Siblings often attend many Cub Scout meetings and activities. Many Cub Scout families are active in a variety of other activities as well; Cub Scouting is a program that can fit into a busy schedule as not every outing or meeting must be attended. There are ways that family members can get involved as volunteers if they wish. Volunteer training is available for adults.

How Do I Get My Son Involved?
It's best to attend a scheduled "School Night for Scouting" Cub Scout sign-up meeting, listed on the front of this flyer. If you can't attend, you can still join though. Contact the phone number on the front of the flyer or call the Scout Office at 715-832-6671.

Fall Cub Camp
All New Cub Scouts, parents, and siblings are invited to Fall Cub Camp scheduled for Saturday, September 24, 2016 at "Cub World – Camp Phillips", near Rice Lake, WI. New Cub Scouts are invited to attend at no cost and participate in a day of fun including BB Guns, Archery, Crafts, Games, Outdoor Activities, and more.

New Scout Pinewood Derby Race & Free Pinewood Derby Car
All new Scouts are also invited to participate in the New Scout Pinewood Derby in the month of October. All boys will receive a FREE Pinewood Derby kit when they sign up for Cub Scouts at their School Night for Scouting!

What If I Cannot Attend the School Night at My Son's School?
Some families may be unable to attend the School Night for Scouting. To get signed up without attending a School Night for Scouting, go ahead and contact the Scout Office at 715-832-6671. From there you'll speak with a District Executive for your area who will help you get enrolled. A great thing about the Cub Scout program is that boys can get caught up very quickly if they are joining after the first few meetings have been held. Families are invited to join Cub Scouting at any time.